Data used on the computing servers is usually placed in the user's home directory (/home).


User’s home directory is accessible from all servers.

To upload data in the home directory, do the following

From Windows PC:

  1. Install File transfer tool (ex. WinSCP)

  2. Access the computing server using Username and Password.
  3. Your home directory will appear. Transfer files and folders with D&D

From Mac or Unix:

  Use scp command.(Please check the options and other details for use by yourself.)
  scp -r data <username>@hostname:/home/<username>

High-Speed Storage

For calculations that require fast data I/O, copy the data to a high-speed storage for faster calculations.
Each computing server has a fast-access storage area, which is usually used in a "staging" steps.



Rental Storage (For research project)

"Lustre" ,high-speed storage accessible from your computer , will be available for your research project.


  • Size: Around 10TB
  • Term: Max 1 year (Extendible)
  • Shareable
  • No Backup

please use the following portal site to apply for the creation of a new research directory.

[[RCACI Portal]Network Directory Application