About the System

Large Memory Node - S, Superdome (1 node only):
  CPU: Intel Xeon G-6240M 2.6GHz (18Cores x8)
  Memory: 12TB

Large Memory Node - l (1 node only):
   CPU: Intel Xeon G-6140 2.6GHz (18Cores x4)
   Memory: 6TB

Large Memory Cluster (30 nodes)
   CPU: Intel Xeon G-6242 2.8GHz  (16Cores x4)
   Memory: 1.5TB


   Compiler:Intel , GNU, PGI
   Software: Materials Studio, Matlab, Gaussian09, Tensorflow, Chainer


The Large Memory PC Cluster (lmpcc) is located in an open space.
For security reasons, please do not handle sensitive information on lmpcc.