Network Registration System

Network Connection Registration is the system to register your devices(PC etc.) for wired network access.

In JAIST network. It is corresponding  to "Application for network connection."
Only registered devices are allowed in JAIST network.

If the requested starting date and target network are not as below,
apply with "Application for network connection"as usual.

[Requested starting date and target network]

March 28, 2012
The wired LAN in Dormitory building 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

October 2, 2012
The wired LAN in JAIST house A,B,C

Refer to the following guide.
Replace "Node registration system" with "Network connection registration" in the manual.
Network Connection Registration Guide (PDF) (before 2015/07)
Network Connection Registration Guide (PDF) (after 2015/07)

Link to the "Network Registration System"


If you have any question, please refer to the following document.

User Document(PDF) (after 2015/07/07)


#### System related questions ####


Q. What is the network connection application system?
A. It is a system for applying to connect a terminal to the network. It is to substitute for submitting conventional network connection application form.


Q. Is the network connection application system for general network connectivity?
A. No. At the present time (October 2012), it is applied only to the wired LAN of JAIST house and student dormitories 1-8. It is not applicable for wireless LAN.


Q. Will it apply to the laboratory in the future?
A. Yes. We are gradually expanding the scope of application to graduate schools, it will be announced.


#### Network connection application related questions ####


Q. Will I have to submit a network connection application form in the future?
A. Submission is not required for using network in the areas covers by the system. Otherwise, it is still required.


Q. Do I need to apply for a terminal that has been already registered by a network connection application in the network connection application system?
A. Yes. Regardless of being submitted or not, registration is necessary for all terminals used within the coverage scope of this system.


#### Questions related to registration of terminals ####


Q. What happens if I do not register in the network connection application system?
A. Unregistered terminals can not use the network.


Q. Is it difficult to register terminal information?
A. No. Although a user manual is prepared, it can easily be registered even without referring to the manual. However, please be aware that the method of checking the MAC address may be different for each terminal.


Q. Are there an expiration date for registered terminal entry?
A. Yes. The validity period is one year from the registration date.


Q. Can I extend the term of validity?
A. Yes. You can apply for extension at any time. Every time an extension request is made, one year after that date will be set as the expiration date.


Q. How do I extend the validity period?
A. Please select a registered terminal you want to extend in the network connection application system and check the one year extension of the expiration date.


Q. What happens when the validity period expires?
A. It will be handled in the same way as an unregistered terminal and will be only be able to access the network connection application system.


Q. What is pre-registration?
A. As its name implies, it is about registering terminal information before connecting to the system.


Q. Does something bad happen if you do not pre-register?
A. You may be temporarily unable to connect to the network. Unregistered terminals are directed to the screen of the network connection application system, so new registration will inevitable. However, there is only a relatively small number of temporary IP addresses for unregistered terminals. If those are exhausted and a temporary IP addresses wouldn't be acquired, and the network can not be used temporarily.


Q. What's good about pre-register?
A. If you pre-register beforehand, it will be treated as a terminal with MAC address registered and will not be bothered by the possibility of depletion of the temporary IP addresses.


Q. Where can I pre-register?
A. It can be done with the network connection application system (https: /


Q. "There is a duplicate in the entries or the pending applications of the entered MAC address".
A. Please check the registered device list screen to see if you registered the same MAC address previously. If it is not there, it is thought that someone else registered by mistake. In that case, please let us know the MAC address you tried to register and your account to the Information Society Infrastructure Research Center.


Q. Is there an upper limit to the number of terminals that can be registered?
A. Yes, it will be displayed as the "maximum registered number" on the registered device list screen.


Q. How many terminals I have registered can be connected simultaneously?
A. As of now no limit is placed on the number of units. However, extreme things may have an adverse effect on others, such as pressing down on the number of free IP addresses, so please use it moderately. It is intentionally being applied such restrictions at the Information Society Infrastructure Research Center.


Q. I handed over my PC. Should I delete the terminal information?
A. Yes, if you do not delete it will remain registered as your terminal. If a virus infection is suspected or P2P unauthorized use on that PC within JAIST, you may be held liable.


Q. Is it necessary only for PC to register?
A. No. In principle, registration is required for all devices that need IP address assignment. Registration is necessary for routers and network compatible printers.


#### Questions related to MAC address ####


Q. What is a MAC address? Do you have anything to do with Apple's Macintosh, MacOS, etc?
A. It is a number unique to the network interface of the device. Even if same model, each is assigned a different number. MAC address "MAC" is unrelated to "Mac" of Macintosh or MacOS.


Q. Are there other mnemonic names for MAC addresses?
A. Yes, depending on the OS, it is sometimes written as physical address, Ethernet address, Ethernet ID, hardware address, etc.


Q. What is the MAC address?
A. It is a hexadecimal value of 12 digits. Sometimes it is written without separators as "aabbccddeeff" equivalently separated as "aa - bb - cc - dd - ee - ff" or "AA : BB : CC : DD : EE : FF". In the network connection application system, please register using a separator.


Q. Can it easily be checked for the MAC address in Windows?
A. How to check is described in another FAQ. In short, it is "getmac /v".


Q. How can I find the MAC address on MacOS?
A. How to check is described in another FAQ. In short, "ifconfig -a", (wired is en 0, radio is en 1).


Q. How can I find out the router's MAC address?
Q. How can I find the MAC address of the TV I want to connect to the Internet?
Q. How do I check the MAC address of a network-compatible printer?
A. It depends on the model. Please refer to the instruction manual.


#### Questions related to the mechanism of operation ####


Q. Please tell me the outline of operation when connecting an unregistered PC.
A. When you connect an unregistered PC, a temporary IP address is assigned. When PC information is registered in the network connection application system, the temporary IP address is released within a few minutes, and the primary IP address is assigned and the network can be used.


Q. What is the outline of the operation when a registered PC is connected?
A. Since it is checked that it has been registered by its MAC address, primary IP address will be assigned from the start and the network will be available.


Q. Why does it take a few minutes for my terminal information to be available after registration is complete?
A. The assignment of the primary IP address is done after the DHCP lease expiration of the temporary IP address.


Q. What is a temporary IP address?
A. IP address assigned by the DHCP server when an unregistered PC is connected. A PC with this IP address can access only the network connection request system.


Q. What is a primary IP address?
A. The IP address assigned to the registered PC with MAC address. Internet access is provided.


Q. Will the connection be disconnected if I left the PC while acquiring the temporary IP address?
A. No. The temporary IP address will be kept secured. Since there are only a few temporary IP addresses available, temporary IP addresses will run short if more people acquire it. People who can not register terminal information will occur, so refrain from such behavior.


Q. Is there a way to get the primary IP address more quickly?
A. After completion of registration, if you can release the temporary IP address (by unplugging the LAN cable, "ipconfig /release" and "/renew" etc.,) may be slightly faster.


Q. If you use static IP address (manual input IP address), then I don't need to register?
A. Do not do it. Assigning a static IP address without permission may cause duplication of other people's IP address and inconvenience.


Q. What is the sanction for using illegal static IP address (manual input IP address)?
A. We will stop the network connection as soon as it is found. In some cases the stop range may not be limited to that terminal only. For example, in the case of a student dormitory, the entire room is disconnected.


#### Questions related to student dormitories ####


Q. Can I use a static IP address (manual input IP address)?
A. New permissions are not granted. As for terminals that are currently permitted to use static IP addresses, please contact the Information Society Infrastructure Research Center. Those devices will acquire the same IP address by DHCP in the future.


Q. Conventionally, one IP address is preferentially assigned to one room, what happens?
A. This is obsolete. Even if it is the same IP address assigned before, it just a dynamic IP address assigned by DHCP.


Q. There are cases where it is not possible to connect to the network.
A. It is possible to flexibly allocate the amount allocated to each room, so it is planned that the amount of IP addresses will increase more than before.


Q. In the past, I submitted a network connection application form and I always use the same IP address. Is this a static IP address?
A. In most cases, it is not static IP address (manual input IP address), but only the same IP address is preferentially allocated at the time of automatic acquisition by DHCP. For details, please see the OS IP address setting screen.


Q. I want to use a static IP address because I am using a router.
A. You should be able to obtain the IP address of the WAN interface of the router by DHCP. Please read the instruction manual.