(学外の場合は、3. SSL-VPN を先にお読みください。/ Please read 3. SSL-VPN before reading this page if you are off campus. )

4. Digital Certificate

Digital certificates are mainly used for the following purposes.

  • Use of JAIST Wi-Fi.
  • Authentication Factors for JAIST-SSO in Off-Campus

* Issuance of Digital Certificate must be done from on-campus (SSL-VPN is available).

 Read the following sites to obtain a digital certificate.
* Issuance must be done on a PC.

  Client certificate issuance procedure

Q.What is a digital certificate?
A. It is a proof of the owner's information on the Internet. The RCACI web page often refers to a "client certificate" that certifies an individual.

Q. What is the digital certificate used for?
A. It is used when connecting to the campus Wi-Fi and for JAIST-SSO authentication from off-campus.

Q. Is a digital certificate absolutely necessary?
A. This may not be necessary in cases where the campus Wi-Fi is not used and OTP is used. However, it is recommended that the OTP be issued in case it is no longer available.

Q. I want to use Wi-Fi on more than one device. Can I issue more than one certificate?
A. It is not possible to issue more than one certificate, but it is possible to use one certificate on more than one device. For more information, please see "Exporting & Importing certificates".