Lent tablets

We have been lending Tablet PC. To request, please refer the following contents and come our center.

  ・students in Ishikawa campus who enter JAIST after Apr. 1 ,2016 (regular course students only)
    ・students in Ishikawa campus who belong to knowledge science (regular course students only)

   What to bring:
   a. Student Card
   b. Exchange Ticket (If you have)
   c. Your bag to take back.

 Request from reception office : IS bldg.2, 2F RCACI reception room.


Students who have received the Surface can use the following equipment as accessories.


・Docking station

・Mouse, keyboard

The assets are managed by the Information Society Infrastructure Research Center, it is necessary to contact this center by the faculty members of the laboratory or the floor administrator for installation, moving and removal.


Accessory device request method.


How to request the accessories?



申請/承認はMicrosoft Forms,Flow(PowerAutomate) を利用しています.


(Important) recall of Surface Pro 3 charging cable

There was a recall announcement from Microsoft that there was a danger of abnormal heat generation in the power adapter of the lent Surface Pro 3.

Following this, we will exchange the target power cord free of charge.




 ・Exchange location  :Information infrastructure centre receiption (IS building 2, 2F)
 ・Required items     :Student card - Surface Pro charging cable - Docking station charging cable 
 ・Exchange period   :until 2016 March 31st

 [Reference information] Surface Pro、Surface Pro 2、and some Surface Pro 3: recall/exchange Microsoft AC charging cable