User Account

The user account uniquely identifies you on the JAIST network for various computing services.

Single Sign-On System (JAIST-SSO)

It is a system that unifies the authentication information when using various systems on campus.

For systems that can be used from off-campus, multi-factor authentication in addition to user account and password authentication is required.


This page explains the usage of the computer network provided by JAIST. We provide professional information such as IPv6, wireless LAN in campus and in student dormitory.


Students, faculty and staff can use the JAIST email address ("user ID"
Please make sure that you can read it, as it will be used to contact you from JAIST.

Digital Certificate

Digital certificates are important because they provide electronic proof of users and servers.
It is necessary for some changing personal user account, Wi-Fi connection on-campus and VPN connections from off-campus.

Storage Service

By using the online storage service "J-Storage", you can safely exchange large files with other people on and off campus.

We also provide network file service for research.

Remote Access

This is a service for using various machine and services that can't be accessed from outside the university such as JAIST Cloud, Parallel Computer, Various Web Services.

Remote Meeting

Due to the prevalence of COVID-19, face-to-face meeting and academic events may become difficult. Please use the online web/video conference services to continue our education and research activities at JAIST.

Printer, Binder, Scanner

Please use the JAIST Printing Service for printing on campus. You can use your user ID card or your user account to make copies and print at the multifunctional printers located throughout the campus. Printers with bookbinding functions and large format printers are located in the User Room (I-23).


We provide virtual desktop environments (VDI), Linux share servers, and virtual servers for your research, project, and various use.


We manages and provides a variety of software licenses for users.


You can watch recording of Past Lectures, Training sessions and Workshops.
For more information about JAIST-LMS, please read the Center for Innovative Distance Education and Research website.

※SSL-VPN connection is required to connect from off-campus. (Online-Lecture from off-campus)

Web Service

JAIST users can publish personal website for research or website for laboratory, project and academic event website.

Borrowing Terminals

The students are lent tablet terminals that can be used in various situations on campus, such as lectures and seminars. By using same equipments placed on the desks in their rooms, students can use them as stationary terminals.
Students can use a variety of computing resources such as JAIST Cloud, computation servers, and storage services for their research purposes through tablet PCs.

Computing Servers

High Performance Computing Servers are available for your research.These servers are free to use for JAIST Members.

Information Security

You can check information and precautions regarding information security.