1. This license program is available only for the computers belonging to JAIST.DON'T install the licensed software on other devices.
  2. Windows PC Only
  3. Faculty, Staff and researchers who download the software has to conform to the above rule.

Eligible Users

The following users enrolled in JAIST can download/install Microsoft software in accordance with EES license program.

・Faculty (Full-time)
・Researchers (excluding Postdoctoral Researchers), Researchers for Colloboration beween Businesses, Universities and Government
・Board Members, Office Staff, Technical Staff
・Office Assistants, Research Assistant Workers, Career Development Counselors, Counselors

 # Temporary workers, Project researchers, Fellows, Visiting researchers, Contract Researcher, Collaborative research fellows, Contact researchers, Dispatched researchers and JSPS researchers are not eligible.
 # Students can't donwload/install software on JAIST PCs.
   # If an eligible user can't log in the system or the software list doesn't pop up after login, please contact Research Center for Advanced Computing Infrastucture.

Target Devices

The computers which JAIST purchased or leased with contract, and which an individual doesn't use in possession.

Available applications

Microsoft Office

Software OS Language
Office365 ProPlus Windows 11, 10 Japanese / English

Microsoft Windows

Software Edition Language End of Support
Windows 10 Enterprise 32bit / 64bit Japanese / English 2025/10/14

・Visual Studio isn't included in the license program. However, Visual Studio Community can be downloaded for free from

・To activate license,these products requires to connect to JAIST network regularly.
・Windows OS is just an upgrade license
.Don't install the program to non-licensed PCs.

How to use

1. Office

Please contact us at "isc-query(at)" so that we can prepare the installer for the shared device.
When using this office, you need to sign in with your licensed JAIST account.
Please be sure to sign out when you finish using this office. If you do not sign out, the next user will be able to use your account.


* After 2:00 p.m.  on December 13, 2019, the following changes have been made to the use of Office365 service.

Changes 1) Microsoft account has been changed to "".

    "XXXXXXXX" will be replaced with "JAIST Account".

Changes 2) Authentication method has been changed to use "JAIST-SSO", the same as in Web-mail.

    When "JAIST-SSO" page appears, sign in with you account and password in JAIST.

    for details, see "How to Sign in Office365 Service Page".

    (Off-campus users will need to one-time password or VPN connection.)


2. Microsoft Windows

You can check out the media.
Please come to our Reception Desk.

* We can't lent the install media for students. If you are student, please ask your professor to borrow the install media from RCACI.
* If you are professor or staff, please confirm the install media is used only for the PC which is managed/owned by valid licensed user.
* Please  don't make the copy media.