Job Submission

The PC cluster is managed by the scheduler.

Please refer to the parallel server user manual for basic submitting jobs.

Making a job script

[] To execute a compiled executable file as a batch job, you need a job script to submit to the job scheduler.

Job Script

Please refer to following link.

After logon to pcc, sample script files can be found in the path below. Please copy it to your own directory before using

pcc: /work/Samples

Queue classes


Class No. of Nodes No. pf Chunks No. of Cores Expected execution time Concurrent Jobs Concurrent Jobs/user Priority
TINY 1node 1~2 ~20core 30min 1 1 1
SINGLE 1node 1~2 ~20core 1week 64job 8job 1
SMALL 1-4node 1~8 ~80core 3day 16job 4job 2
MEDIUM 5-16node 9~32 ~320core 12hour 4job 2job 2
LARGE 17-32node 33~64 ~640core 12hour 2job 1job 3
APPLI 1node 1~2 ~20core 3week 16job 4job 1
MatStudio 1node 1~2 ~20core 1week 16job 16job 1
HS-IO 1-8node 1~16 ~160core 1week 10job 4job -
LONG-L ~node - - (Application dependent) - - -
  • MatStudio queue is exclusive for  Materials Studio Gateway users.
  • HS-IO queue users can use the parallel file system for I/O output to the /work directory when simultaneous mutli processes are used