CX250 Cluster Replacement Information

 As the following schedule, CX250 Cluster (pcc, hpcc) will be replaced with the new successor system.
 The service of current system will stop as the following schedule.
 GPU Nodes are available after the replacement, but these nodes will be stopped for maintenance work.
 All of data in working directory on current system will be deleted after service end. Please refer to the following remark and make sure to copy your necessary data from work directory.

  Spec: (All System)
       CPU: Intel Xeon  Gold 6130 2.1GHz (16Cores x2)
        CPU Nodes : 1536Cores + Mem 64GB (48 nodes)
        GPU Nodes :  256Cores + GPU (P100) x2 + Mem 128GB ( 8 Nodes)

      CX250 Cluster GPU Node STOP     Feb. 19(Mon)  9:00
     CX250 Cluster All system STOP   Feb. 28(Wed) 13:00
      Successor System START          Mar. 1(Thu)

      * Please complete your experiment which needs current system before service STOP.
     * The new system release timing is subject to change.
     * Please don't forget to backup your important data by yourself from working directory (/work) on current system.
     * Working Directory for successor system is available from current system as "/work_2018". To use your data after replacement, please make your directory in "work_2018" and copy your important data to.
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