User Authentication

All functions of the Printing Device are available via JAIST Account.
Users who has JAIST Account can use his/her ID Card (Staff ID Card/Student ID Card) as Authentication Card for printing device.
If you find any kind of error during authentication, please refer the following points.

  • Users who has JAIST Account
    Please request us, Research Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure (isc-query@jaist) to register your ID Card. At the time, don't forget to inform us your mail address and Staff ID Number.
    For urgent print, ID - password based authentication is available via the *認証* button on upper right of the front panel.
  • Users who don't has JAIST Account
    Please ask your professor or person in charge to request us for a rental printing card.

Rental Printing Card

Users who don't have JAIST Account can use Rental Printing Card for authentication of printing system.

* We can accept the requests only from JAIST faculty or person in charge. As a general rule, we can prepare only a Printing Card per faculty.



Printing Method


Location Free Printing (Recommended)

After issuing the print jobs from the machine, it will send that print job to the server.
Next you recall the print jobs from the multi-function devices using your JAIST identification card to issue the print command.

Print jobs can be printed from any MFP in JAIST campus.

Direct Printing

Not all the multi-function devices can specify the queue and use the "direct printing" function. Printing will be limited to only one of the few multi-function devices.

Check here

Driver Installation , Printer Settings

Usage for standalone PC Users:

  Please refer the following documents for  Driver Installation.

Usage for JAIST Desktop Users:

    please select "JAIST Print System" from printer list.
    If you can't find such printer, please log-out once and re-login.

Users Manual for JAIST Print System

Location of multifunction printers

Please see "Location of Multifunction Printers" in internal user only page.



Staple Finisher

The printer can automatically staple the papers after printing.
To use this feature, the finisher type must be set in the driver installation in advance.
The printer offers a variety of stapling options, such as 1 staple top left, 2 staples left, etc.

FAX functionality

The listed machines support FAX.

IS3 8FKS2 8FMS1 6FNano Center
IS2 5FKS2 7FMS2 5FCollaboration Center 2F
IS3 3FKS2 5FMS2 3FCollaboration Center 1F
KS2 4FMS4 7F




Energy Saving

All multi-function devices automatically switch to energy saving mode when not being used for sometime.

Printer Trouble

Case: You can successfully authenticate with your ID card, but the submitted print job is not displayed

Your PC's printing settings may be incorrect, or there may be the error on JAIST server.
Please check the top page of RCACI for any information of server trouble.

Case: Error codes are displayed, the equipment does not turn on.

Please refer to the contact list attached to the device
If an error code is displayed, you can also search for it on the manufacturer's website

Error Code Search (Japanese Text Only)