Login to JAIST Parallel Computers

You can log-in to one of our computer servers using "SSH".

Secure Shell (SSH) is a UNIX-based command interface for getting access to a remote computer.
If you are a windows user, please install a ssh client software (eg. putty, teraterm, movaXterm...) or Windows10 Subsystem for Linux.


% ssh  <host name>

Work Directory

Each system is equipped with a /work directory (local disc).
For the sake of I/O speed over robustness, we manile fage the systems, 
we adopt Fiber connection and parallel file system.

Users are supposed to use the /work as a working directory.
When you first login to the system, make your own directory under the /work directory.

% mkdir /work/<user name>
% cd /work/<user name>

#Caution#Subdirectories of /work are not backed up. If your directory under /work uses up a lot of storage, we delete the files without prior notice.



System settings and compilers

System configurations, compilers and compile options differ from one system to another.

For further information, please refer to each system's manual.


Tutorials are located in the following links.

After 2017

After 2011

Before 2010

Sample scripts

Sample scripts for beginners are available for each parallel  computing system. They are located in the directory below;


Copy the samples directory to your working space and you can get started with the scripts.

・Example: Copying the Samples directory to /work/<user name>/.

 %cp -r /work/Samples/xxxxxxxxx   /work/<user name>/