MPC Terms of service

ISC provides high performance parallel computing servers to be shared among JAIST members.
To keep the service available to all members, please read the following terms carefully.

1. Priority
You must prioritize the usage related to your research activity in JAIST.
Please negotiate with other users on the usage of system resources.

2. Testing
Before you try massive tasks (LARGE, XLARGE equivalent or long procedures), you must test
programs well by submitting them to the computation nodes as small and short test jobs.

3. MPC group
You must register to MPC group if you have jobs to be submitted as massive tasks.

4. Annual usage report
When the usage exceeds around 100 hours, please report the usage and the result
throughout the year.


For more information about MPC group and joining MPC group, please refer to "7. MPC Group".
Please arrange with each other on the MPC mailing list if you want to temporarily secure a large amount of system resources for research and educational activities progress.
If you need to make reservation, mention the host name you want to use, the number of resources, the period you want to use the resources and why.

Some computing machines provide batch processing queuing systems to schedule waiting for execution and executed as soon as resources are available. For other detailed information and how to submit the different job classes as LONG-L, etc., please refer to the information center page or MPC page.

Information center page

MPC group page

About MPC administration group

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the group.

There is MPC management group (mpc - admin) summarizes remarks such as operation rules. In mpc-admin, we compile queue classes of parallel machines and comments from users as operation rules of MPC. If you have any requests regarding the use of the shared computing server, please contact mpc - admin or the MPC mailing list.

We are looking forward to you using JAIST shared computation servers and MPC mailing list.