Using the GUI Interface

You can access the GUI of the remote server by the following method.

From JAIST Cloud Desktop, personal computer or surface: MobaXterm, linux shared machine

For Mac OS:X11 (xquartz)

2.Using the shared Linux machine (Windows)

1. Remote desktop connection to Linux shared machine.

Please check the Linux shared machine page

#Each Linux machine reboots one a week
# If you are using the GUI of another device, you will be forcibly logged out, so please take note.

2. Launch the terminal on the desktop opened via Remote Desktop Connection and access the destination host with ssh.

% ssh -Y hostname (-l username )

3. Connecting from Mac OS

Start up X11。 If X11 can not be found in the Dock (on the desktop)、check whether it can be found in「Finder」→「Move」→「Utility」


Execute the following command and log in to the host you want to connect.


% ssh -Y hostname (-l username)