Driver Installation (Mac)


Download the Printer Driver from Website of Fuji Xerox.

The model of multi printers is:
ApeosPort-VI C2271, C4471, C7771
Please select "Mac OS X PPDファイルインストーラー"
* For macOS12, please use driver for macOS11.

*Click the picture to enlarge*


Extract the file and double click to install


From [System Preferences], double click on "Printers and Scanners"


Click on the "+" sign


Select the [IP] tab do the setting up as follows:

Location Free Printing :

Address :
Protocol : LPD
Queue : ODP
Name: your favorites name
Use:FX ApeosPort-Ⅵ C4471 … PS H2

Direct Printing :

Address :
Protocol : LPD
Queue : directly queue name
Name : your favorites name
Use : FX ApeosPort-Ⅵ C4471 … PS H2

Direct refer to the list.


Depending on the model to be used, select the suitable option in"Output options".
Click "OK".

Model & Option List
Apeos Port IV C2271 : Finisher Type A
Apeos Port IV C4471 : Finisher Type A
Apeos Port IV C7771 : Finisher Type C + 中綴じユニット

7.Run "Safari" to save the accounting preset.

Launch "print" dialog of safari and select "Job Accounting" from the pull-down menu.
Click "User Details Setup".


Change "Specify Job Owner Name" to "Enter Owner Name", enter user ID and passcode then click "OK".Domain Name, Account ID is unnecessary.

When you use "Direct Print" Password input is required.


In [Preset], select "Save current settings as preset".


Set an arbitrary name for [Preset name] and click "OK".

Direct List

Number bldg. Place LPR Queue Name
4 KS KS I bldg. K-71 7F C1K717
22 IS IS I bldg. I-91 9F J1I919
23 IS IS II bldg. I-94 9F J2I949
25 IS IS I bldg. I-81 8F J1I818
26 IS IS II bldg. I-84 8F J2I848
27 IS IS III bldg. I-87 8F J3I878
28 IS IS I bldg. I-71 7F J1I717
29 IS IS II bldg. I-74 7F J2I747
30 IS IS III bldg. I-77 7F J3I777
31 IS IS I bldg. I-61 6F J1I616
32 IS IS II bldg. I-74 6F J2I746
33 IS IS III bldg. I-67 6F J3I676
34 IS IS I bldg. I-51 5F J1I515
35 IS IS II bldg. I-53 5F J2I535
37 IS IS I bldg. I-41 4F J1I414
38 IS IS II bldg. I-44 4F J2I44
39 IS IS III bldg. I-47 4F J3I474
40 IS IS I bldg. I-31 3F J1I313
41 IS IS III bldg. I-37 3F J3I373
46 IS IS II-III bldg. I-25 2F J23I252
47 IS IS III bldg. I-27 2F J3I272
64 MS MS IV bldg. 7F M47
64 MS MS IV bldg. 4F M44