Driver Installation

Notice: Windows on ARM is not supported


Download the Printer Driver from Website of Fuji Xerox.

The model of multi printers is:
ApeosPort-VI C2271,
             C7771 *NOT print server
The drivers same for these models. "ART EX Driver"
For Windows11, windows10 driver is available.

*Click the picture to enlarge*


Double-click on the downloaded file to extract the files into a new folder.


In the newly created folder, double-click on "Launcher.exe"


Click on start installation on the window.


If the user account control confirmation dialog appears, click on “yes” to proceed.


 Check the "I accept the terms of the license agreement"  and click [next]


check the box "Wireless or Ethernet Connection" and click "Next"


If the printer server ”” is not present, click on "Add the printer manually"  


Enter printer information

Model Name : ApeosPort-VI C2271, 4471, 7771
Port Type: TCP/IP
IP Address:
Port name:

* The "Port Name" is used to manage the registered printer port here. You can give it an arbitrary name.


Confirm that the printer has been added and click "next"


Select the driver to install and click "next"


Go to printer settings and click「次へ」
・Make this printer default printer


Upon completion of installation, you will be asked to restart the system. Click on「完了」to finish installation and restart system

After rebooting, follow instructions on the next page to setup printer


Open Control panel.
(If you can't find the Control Panel, type "Control Panel" in the field with the magnifying glass icon at the bottom left of the screen.)

Open [Device and Printer] in the control panel and right click on the newly installed printer driver and click on [Printer properties].


Click on [Authentication Settings] under [Printer Configuration] tab

16-1. For Personal PC

Change [Specify User ID] to [Enter ID]
Enter user ID  and click [OK]

User ID is "sXXXXXXX (s + student number)".

If you want to use "direct print" , please input password.

16-2 For Shared PC

Check "Prompt User for Entry when Submitting job".

In some cases, "Display Last Entered User Details" is useful option.


Under the [advanced] in the [Printer Configuration], select and check the [Send the data to printer after spooling] and click on [apply]


On the Properties window, select the "Port" tab and select the port used by the added printer from the port list to be printed.


Configure the Port Protocol.
 *Protocol: LPR
 *Queue Name: ODP

Direct refer to the list.

* When the "The requested resource is in use" error occurs

  1. Click 'cancel' to return to the screen in step 18 and click "Add Port".
    • Port type: Standard TCP/IP Port
    • Printer name:
    • Port name: Anything (other than "")
  2. Select the added port, click "Configure Port" and configure the above settings.


Depending on the multifunctional printer, the option of finisher and  large capacity tray is available.
Please set the frequently used equipment option based on the following list.

Apeos Port IV C2271 : Finisher Type A2
Apeos Port IV C4471 : Finisher Type A2
Apeos Port IV C7771 : Finisher Type C+ 中綴じユニット

Click on [Configuration option] under [Printer Configuration] tab to change the user settings.


Select the option and change the value then click [OK].

Direct List

Number bldg. Place LPR Queue Name
4 KS KS I bldg. K-71 7F C1K717
22 IS IS I bldg. I-91 9F J1I919
23 IS IS II bldg. I-94 9F J2I949
25 IS IS I bldg. I-81 8F J1I818
26 IS IS II bldg. I-84 8F J2I848
27 IS IS III bldg. I-87 8F J3I878
28 IS IS I bldg. I-71 7F J1I717
29 IS IS II bldg. I-74 7F J2I747
30 IS IS III bldg. I-77 7F J3I777
31 IS IS I bldg. I-61 6F J1I616
32 IS IS II bldg. I-74 6F J2I746
33 IS IS III bldg. I-67 6F J3I676
34 IS IS I bldg. I-51 5F J1I515
35 IS IS II bldg. I-53 5F J2I535
37 IS IS I bldg. I-41 4F J1I414
38 IS IS II bldg. I-44 4F J2I44
39 IS IS III bldg. I-47 4F J3I474
40 IS IS I bldg. I-31 3F J1I313
41 IS IS III bldg. I-37 3F J3I373
46 IS IS II-III bldg. I-25 2F J23I252
47 IS IS III bldg. I-27 2F J3I272
64 MS MS IV bldg. 7F M47
64 MS MS IV bldg. 4F M44