Handling of Consumables

Toner Cartridge・Toner Collection Unit

It is shown in the table below:

Toner Cartridge・Toner Collection Bottle List
Item NameManufacturer Model NoRemarks
Toner Cartridge[K](Black)CT2026301piece/box
Toner Cartridge[C](Cyan)CT2026311piece/box
Toner Cartridge[M](Magenta)CT2026321piece/box
Toner Cartridge[Y](Yellow)CT2026331piece/box
Toner Collection Unit ACWAA09011piece/box For C1,C2
Toner Collection Unit BCWAA09021piece/box for C3



Replacement Procedures

  • When it is almost time to replace the toner cartridge and the toner collection unit of the multifunction printer, the technician will distribute each replacement item and place it near the multifunction device.
  • Keep the empty toner cartridge and the full toner collection unit near the multifunction device. We will collect it at a later date.
  • Please note that the technicians may access the laboratory where the multifunction devices are installed to carry out the above work.

Carrying out the Replacement

Please perform the replacement task as below:

Special notes on replacement work

  • Please put back the empty cartridges after and the full toner collection bottles in the box containing the replacement items as described in the exchange procedures above and place them in the vicinity of the multifunction device.
  • When the toner replacement message is displayed on the multifunction machine, please do replace the toner cartridge. We appreciate your cooperation.
  • When the message to replace the toner collection bottle/unit is displayed on the multifunctional machine, please replace the toner collection bottle. We appreciate your cooperation.



Designated Staples

Please pick it up at the information center reception desk. Please carry out the replacement.



Drum Cartridge

It is shown in the table below

Item NAmeManufacturer Model NoRemarks
Drum Cartridge(YMCK)CT3511041item/box

Please be aware that when the replacement time comes, the technician will visit and carry out the replacement work. If the multifunction device is installed in the laboratory, technicians may access the laboratory to carry out the work.