How to import a client certificate using the Mail app. or iCloud Drive

[advance preparation]

  • (Prep. #1)Install the client app.(F5 Access)and configure the SSL-VPN of JAIST.
  • (Prep. #2-1)Make the client certificate accessible from the Mail app.
    <Ex.>Send an email with the client certificate attached to an email address that can be accessed from the Mail app.
    Save the client certificate as an attachment to a draft email with an email address accessible from the Mail app.
  • (Prep. #2-2)Upload the client certificate on the iCloud Drive.



  1. (Case of Mail app.) Start the Mail app.
    (Case of iCloud Drive) Start the Files app.
  2. (Case of Mail app.) Show the email with prep #2.
    (Case of iCloud Drive) Select Locations "iCloud Drive" and move to the folder of the uploaded file.
  3. Press and hold (long tap) the client certificate.
  4. Select "Share".
  5. The shareable app. icons will appear at the top of the screen, and select "F5 Access".
    (If you don't see it, scroll to the left to find it.)
  6. When prompted for a password, enter the password for importing the certificate.
    Client certificate downloaded from the NII website:Access PIN (Initial password for import)
    Client certificate exported from the your web browser:Password set when you export it
  7. If the password is correct, the CN of the imported certificate will be displayed.
    Confirm it and press "Import".
  8. Start "F5 Access" app.
  9. Select "Settings" at the bottom of the screen.
  10. Select "Configurations" of the left side, and then select "i" (circled) on the right side of the JAIST settings.
  11. Enable "Use Certificate", select "Not selected" of "Certificate", and select the client certificate.
  12. Click the "Save", select "Connection" at the bottom of the screen.
    Enable "Connection" in the middle of the screen, and confirm that you can access the SSL-VPN system.