Overview and Preparation

To connect to SSL-VPN from a smartphone or tablet device, use the client application (F5 Access).

You need to install the client app.(F5 Accsess) on your devices.


Integrated Authentication (JAIST-SSO) is used for authentication at the time of connection.

Please set up your digital certificate or one-time password in advance.

How to set it up

  1. Start "F5 Access" and configurate as follows. (First time only)
    Descriptione.g. JAIST (Any name you can understand.)

    "" (NOT "" )

    Web LogonON
    Useing client certificateON (When "OFF", authentication will be performed using a one-time password.)
    client certificate

    JAIST's digital certificate imported in advance if you choose digital certificate authentication

    On-demand connectionOFF
  2.  Tap "connect" button.
  3.  Enter your username and password.
  4.  Enter one-time password if asked.
  5.  Choose "jaist-vpn1" or "jaist-vpn2."
  6.  If you see the message "Connected," your SSL-VPN connection is established.

Tip: How to import a client certificate to a tablet device

For iOS, Please import client certificates into the dedicated SSL-VPN client application (F5 Access).