(学外の場合は、2. 統合認証 を先にお読みください。/ Please read 2. Single-Sign-On System first if you are off campus. )

7. About your password

Registration of password reset email address

Please register an email address for password reset in case you forget your password. (Reference: Password reset)

  1. Access the self-maintenance screen.
  2. Enter the email address to be registered in the [Password reset email address] field.
  3. Click "Update" at the bottom of the screen.

Change your password

Please be sure to change the initial password.

Go to the following page.

User Password Changing page for JAIST Users


When accessing the password change screen from off-campus networks, One Time Password or digital certificate is required.




Q. Should I register an email address for password reset?
A. Registration is recommended, though not absolutely necessary. If you have forgotten your password and have not registered your e-mail address for password reset, you will need to come to the center reception with your student ID card.

Q. What should I do if I fear my password has been compromised?
A. Please contact JAIST CSIRT (JAIST Computer Security Incident Response Team).