How to connect an Android 11 to JAIST Wi-Fi

This page illustrates how to connect an Android 11 to JAIST Wi-Fi "JAIST" and "eduroam".

Your digital certificate (client certificate) is required to connect. Please prepare in advance.

# This explanation is created by Google Pixel 5. Even the same Android 11 may differ in part due to customization by the smartphone manufacturer. Devices with proprietary OS based on Android may not be able to connect.

1. Import Digital Certificate

Tap "Settings" -> "Encryption & credentials" -> "Security".

Tap "Install from storage" -> "Wi-Fi certificate".

Tap your certificate file.

Enter the "Access PIN (Initial Password for Import") displayed at the time of issuance on the J-UPK system, and then tap "OK".

* If the certificate is once imported into the OS or Web browser, enter the password entered at the time of export.

You can change the name of the certificate.
The name may be confusing, in which case you can change it here.
After making changes, tap "OK" to continue.

2. Connecting to and registering JAIST / eduroam SSID

Tap "Settings" -> "Wi-Fi" -> "JAIST" or "eduroam".

If JAIST SSID is not found, please add a network.

  • Network name: JAIST
  • Security: WPA2-Enterprise

After you complete setting the following information, please press the "Connect" button.


  • EAP method: TLS
  • CA certificate: Use system certificates
  • Online Certificate Status: Do not validate
  • Domain:
  • User certificate: choose the certificate installed in the first step
  • Identity: (NOT mail address)

A while after taped the "Connect" button, please confirm that the status of "JAIST" becomes "Connected".

This completes the setting.