Windows 10


This page illustrates how to connect to JAIST Wi-Fi using the digital certificates.

#To use this secure network, please download and install your digital certificate in advance as shown in the following link.


Digital Certificate



Import Digital Certificate

To connect to JAIST Wi-fi, an imported digital certificate in your windows 10  is required.

You can confirm your imported certificate by following:

Control Panel> Network & Internet > Internet Option > Contents > Certificate



If you can't find valid certificate in the above certificate window, please refer the following link and download your digital certificate beforehand.




Digital Certificate

2. Enable Wi-fi Sensor

Click Wi-fi Sensor in Action Center.

(You can find a list of the SSID names of wireless network, or "available" message in wi-fi sensor)

3. Select SSID

Select “JAIST”  from the list of wireless SSID names.
Check the "connect automatically" checkbox and click "Connect".

4. connect

Click on "Connect using a certificate" .
If asked select the certificate (you imported shown in the above section).
Confirm the messages and click "Connect".