Windows 11


This page illustrates how to connect to JAIST Wi-Fi (SSID: JAIST or eduroam) using the digital certificates.

#To use this secure network, please download and install your digital certificate in advance as shown in the following link.


Digital Certificate



Import Digital Certificate

Please Import the certificate into the PC beforehand.

You can confirm your imported certificate by following:

Click search icon > Enter Internet Options > Click Internet Options > Content  > Certificates



If you can't find valid certificate in the above certificate window, please refer the following link and download your digital certificate beforehand.




Digital Certificate

2. Enable Wi-fi

Click Wi-fi Sensor in Quick Action.

If Wi-Fi is not "Available", click the Wi-Fi icon (it will change to "Available").

3. Select SSID

Click Manage Wi-Fi Connections to the right of the Wi-Fi icon in the Quick Action.

Select “JAIST” or “eduroam” from the list of wireless SSID names.
Check the "Connect automatically" checkbox and click "Connect".

4. connect

Click on "Connect using a certificate" .
If asked select the certificate (you imported shown in the above section).
Confirm the messages and click "Connect".