About OS that is no longer supported

It is forbidden to connect to the JAIST network, from a terminal running an OS that is no longer supported.

Continuing to run such OS might cause security risk such as virus , malware, data leakage threat etc, due to security update for the vulnerability isn't applied.
Additionally, once such OS is infected , the infected PC might be controlled to attack the other system.
Don't forget to upgrade OS or buy the new PC.

Microsoft support of Windows7 officially ended on Jan. 14 2020.
Microsoft support of Windows8.1 officially ended on Jan. 10 2023.

For the PC's belonging to JAIST,  EES license is available to install windows 10. Please refer the following link.

EES license program



Web browsers that no longer support

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer (IE), which has been the default browser for Windows for many years, will no longer be supported on 16 June 2022.
Please use the latest version of a supported browser (Firefox, Edge, Chrome, etc.).
If you need to use pages that only open in IE for work purposes, please use Edge's 'IE mode'.