Office 365

"Office365 Proplus"  is available for free to JAIST students, faculty, and staff.

License of Office365 is assigned per user (not device).

The following target users can install "Quick to run Office 365" to their own devices.

Eligible Users


*Faculty (Full-time)
*Researcher (excluding Postdoctoral Researcher), Researcher for Collaboration between Businesses, Universities and Government
*Regular Students(in the Master Course,in the Doctoral Course, of School of Transdisciplinary Science enrolled in JAIST)
*Board Members, Office Staff, Technical Staff
*Part-time staff, Counselor

 # Students of School of Transdisciplinary Sciences enrolled in Kanazawa University, Non-regular students, Temporary workers, Contact staff, Project researchers, Fellows, Visiting fellows, Contract researchers, Collaborative research fellows, Contact researcher, and JSPS fellows are not eligible.

Terms of Validity

The license is valid only while you are affiliated to JAIST.

When you leave JAIST, you need to stop using the software and un-install it.

Target Devices

5 PCs (Windows,Mac), 5 Smartphones and 5 Tablets per user.

Available Applications

Office365 ProPlus

Software OS Edtion Language
Office365 ProPlus Windows 10, 8.1, macOS 32bit / 64bit Japanese / English

How to Use

1. Office365 ProPlus

You can download it from the Microsoft Office365 page.

Please refer to "How to sign in to the Office365 service page" for more information on how to do so.


* How to use Office365 service was changed as follows at 14:00 on Dec. 13, 2019.

Point 1.  Microsoft Account was changed to XXXXXXXX(at)

     "XXXXXXXX" is JAIST User Account.

Point 2. The authentication method was changed to use JAIST Single Sign-On service, the same as WebMail.

    Please sign in the sign-in page displayed.

    For more details, please refer to the following "How to Sign in Office365 Service Page"

    (From outside JAIST, one time password or JAIST VPN is needed.)

How to Sign in Office365 Service Page

1. Access the webpage of Office365


2. Enter Microsoft Account ("JAIST User")

3. Select "Microsoft account"

*The window will appear if you own "Personal account".

4. Jump to "JAIST-SSO" page

5. Enter your account and password in JAIST

6. Check to see if you want to keep your signed in



7. Signed in to Office365



To install the Office365 app, please read the following Microsoft page.

Download and install Microsoft 365 on a PC