Wi-fi for devices that can't use digital certificates (JAISTALL)


If you have any devices which can't import digital certificate correctly, you can use the other JAIST network environment.

(The network security level is low. If you can use digital certificate, we recommend using "JAIST" wi-fi.)

Wi-fi setup for Ishikawa campus

1. Register your MAC address in the "Wireless LAN Card Registration" system

Wi-fi registering system


2. Connecting to the network

The following are the setup settings.   

    ・Encryption is not available



Wi-fi setup for Tokyo satellite campus

JAIST provides the wireless network "JAISATE" in Tokyo satellite campus.

The setting are as follows.

If you don't finish the settings, "JAISATE" will not appear in "View available wireless networks".

1. Enable "Wireless network connections" and select "Wireless network connections" from the "Network connections".

2.In the "Wireless Networks" tab, select "Add wireless network".

3.Set the properties as below.
Close the window and connect to the "JAISATE" network.

  ・Network name(SSID): JAISATE
  ・Network authentication : WPA-PSK
  ・Data encryption : TKIP
  ・Network Key : *************  

Refer to the staff of Tokyo satellite campus for the network key.