Monthly Archives: 1月 2013

a math exercise

I was back HOME to Nagoya to see my sister and her family members. One of my nephews was struggling with a math problem, for which I was asked a help. It was a bit tough one and I needed to spent an afternoon pondering upon its solution. I was glad to have found a solution by myself, but I would have been failed if I was examined for entering a high school. I told him this was a sort of game in which you compete for speed. It means you do not have time to think in front of the problems. It is just like tongue twister.

praying for boys and girls

My partner proposed to go worship at our local shinto shrine, for which I agreed. Our niece and some of our nephews are simultaneously receiving entrance exams to schools this early spring. Buying them a sacred card may benefit them. It is a custom, culture, habit, and the amalgamation of all these with some extra, unknown elements to buy such items seeking for a good luck or the grace of (Japanese) God.


It was a snow day. Hills were covered with snow. Snow has been removed in the car park, but the place was very wet.


The approach to the shrine. A moment of peace.

new year’s day

Today is the first day of the year 2013. There is no mystery about it. We woke up as usual to have a special breakfast for this day. Kids practiced calligraphy for their homework. They spent several hours for it.
Leaving them behind, we went out for walking. It was quiet and warm. We strolled into the forest. The route was at some point winding and sandwiched by walls.
A house was abandoned in the forest and amalgamated into trees.