Monthly Archives: 12月 2011

roman walk

I visited several sites. I like roman architecture especially and stepped in to Mercati di Traiano. It was like a modern shopping complex built on a slope. The corridor was designed to let the sun shine in from the ceiling. Amazingly the excavation work was applied to it recently and they found a sophisticated drain system. A microscope developed by Olympus was employed to study very narrow pipes.

I found artichokes tasteful. I could not resist to its temptation. Fried one was particularly nice.

the main hall of mercati di traiano

artichokes, a fascination

It rained mostly, but there was some moment of sunshine

pantheon, impecable

how is a performer related to the audience?

It was rainy and cloudy, but I explored the city bit. I cannot miss Vatican as devoted (?) Catholic. I could not see the Pope, but was happy to be there for a while. It was nice not many tourist are flocking the square as it is not a high-season now. There was no queue to the museum to my surprise.

We had a good discussion on the top of a hill, where an observatory is located. We talked about theatre-making and cognitive neuroscience. I am aware that the terminology, intention, action, etc. are problematic and we went through several points related to those concepts. There are something for which I have to write down by myself. I gave it a try last spring, but should try it again in English this time.

just a few people are in stanza di raffaelo

Vatican celebrating Christmas even at the exit

St. Pietro is special

the main street colored in the national colors


I arrived to Rome this evening. It is warmer than I expected though it rained a bit.

It rains, but is warm

a joint meeting with Special Interest Group on Knowledge and Skills Transfer (SIG-KST)

We held a joint meeting with people belonging to Special Interest Group on Knowledge and Skills Transfer (SIG-KST) in Tokyo. It was part of a symposium celebrating the 25th anniversary of Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence. The meeting was successful in that we realized how different we were in dealing with similar or somehow related problems. Our group, SIG on Skill Science, were more interested in the process of skill acquisition while SIG-KST tends to focus on the end result. We share of course many interests among us, but foci are different. The meeting was concluded around 5 in the evening and we continued our discussion in a pub restaurant. Nice meeting it was.



another interim seminar

We met again for a seminar. The sky was dark. You could easily spot the boarder line between the cold and warm air above sea. We overlooked the scenery before staring the seminar.

a dark sky