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to Oxford

I stayed one night in London. I was so tired and could not go out anywhere after having checked in the hotel. It was bright the next morning. I placed a small thing at my bed to take a picture. It is a portable Maria-Christ statue bought in Eindhoven. The owner of the antique shop was interesting person, explaining us about his war time experiences. He even asked me how to pronounce Kamikaze. He blessed us after my purchase, being glad to see me getting it. I liked his way of dealing with us. So polite and respectable.

I moved to Oxford to see a friend of mine. I had never been there before, but the city looked handsome. Not bad, but I was fond of staying in country side. I moved out to the outskirt of the city to spend few days there.

a portable maria-christ statue bought in Eindhoven the previous day

a way out from London to Oxford

a guy examining a beautifully decorated cake in the Victorian market

Oxford University Press. Just a small book shop if you do not know about it.

I was taken to a country side after the reunion with my friend and an encounter with her family member

a gothic church (mostly built in 15C), such a beautiful architecture

from Eindhoven to London

The final day of the conference on gerontechnology. The concluding session was a bit deserted, but interesting talks and discussions continued up to the last moment. I had been happy listening to people who had been engaged in similar works to the one we have been doing. Talks had varied from theoretical to practical, and I had immensely enjoyed to listen to the talks and discussions.

A guy on the street playing the guitar accompanied by a doll looking at him. It is my future according to my colleague.

An illustration at the pedestrian's crossing, showing how to push the button. The guy looks just odd.

a moment of strolling before departure from Amsterdam airport



presentations of ig Nobel prize

The third day of the conference was concluded with a banquet, where several ig Nobel prize winners gave a talk concerning their works. They were so fun!

an overview of ig Nobel prize

the speaker talking about his experiences after having won the prize

a conference on gerontology & technology

I am taking part in a conference of gerontology and technology. The concept is named gerontechnology. I found the conference interesting mainly due to its inter-disciprinarlity. The second questioner to my poster presentation was in fact a nurse from Canada. She listened to me seriously and valued our work. I came across many other interesting concepts and views through attending many lectures. The idea of critical gerontology sounded nice to me. The general view of demographic changes and its impact on societies are another of interest. It is good to see so many people getting together discussing the issue of aging.

the conference site is next to the (possibly) main building of TU/e

I was given 5 minutes for presentation and spent 8 minutes after all

a demonstration of robot on the site of poster presentation

the city is the place in which PHILIPS was born