Monthly Archives: 11月 2012

winter approaching

Our neighbors strung trees so that their branches are kept intact even under heavy snow. It tells of approaching winter.

trees whose branches are tied firmly

trees whose branches are tied firmly

For Japanese society of sport psychology

There was a conference on sport psychology. I was invited as one of the presenters for a symposium on dexterity (roughly speaking). I talked about differences and uniqueness of experts. Prof. Yabu, a Noh performer, showed us a short performance on the stage and we were all impressed by his beautiful movements.

Prof. Yabu, the Noh performer, demonstrated a sequence of movements on the stage

on terminal care or death

It was fine in Nagoya, but was raining and cold in Kanazawa. I stopped over in Nagoya and woke up early next morning to get back to Kanazawa. There was a meeting on terminal care in Kanazawa University. Prof. Nishikawa and Dr. Yamazaki and some of other colleagues came to the city and took part in the discussion. (Prof. N also gave a talk in the final symposium.) I liked a talk given by a doctor who is handicapped. He talked about Pain and pointed out that everyone who feel pain can be united and it is also a matter of mind (roughly speaking). I was impressed with his thought and expertise as medical doctor.

A conference on terminal care, especially on death

The weather got worse as the train approached home, but a rainbow accompanied me along the train

special interest group of skills (or embodied cognition)

We had a meeting of special interest group on embodied cognition. We held it as a joint meeting with another group who are interested in methodologies for transferring knowledge, technology, and skill to others. More than fifty people came to our meeting. WOW. I was particularly glad with the success of a small symposium on rhythms. Six speakers including me presented their works of rhythms. They were so diverse and amazing. I am pleased to know that we have still lots of things to investigate.

A meeting of Special Interest Group of Embodied Cognition


Ices fell. We had ices. I found ices on the ground. How can I say? I am not depressed by ice. No. Not at all. I do not mind of ices at all. No. Not at all. Never. Ever.

Ices fell. It is cold.