Monthly Archives: 10月 2012

London, briefly

On my way back from Bath to Tokyo, I dropped at London for a few hours. I searched for sheet musics at two places near the British Museum, say, Schott Music London and Chappell of Bond Street. Both have a unique character. The former is specialized for (more or less) professionals while the latter targets broader customers, as long as I understand them. I liked both of them. I bought two small pieces at the Chappell, one by Bridge (Lament for Catherine) and the other by Faure (Pieces breves pour piano).

I had time to visit the Museum and happily stepped into there for an hour or so. An exhibition of Shakespeare was going on, but I skipped it to proceed to the corners for Greek arts. I was interested to scan vases to find out that one of my favorite pieces made by Pistoxenos. All those bases look so nice and surprise me by the fact that they were produced between 480 BC and 460 BC.

leaving the Paddington station to Heathrow finally

Bath Institute of Medical Engineering (BIME)

I visited BIME for a meeting with the staff. They do many interesting projects and some of their findings surprised me very much.

It was already getting dark when we finished our dialogue. I looked for several items for my wife with some success. I got back to my hotel after I had eaten my supper at a Thai restaurant. I heard some music while I was checking email in the pub (my room is upstairs of the pub). There happened to be held a folk night and many people got together at the pub. I enjoyed all their performances.

An exhibition is going on at the hospital and those picture are sold with price tags on them, to my surprise.

i haven’t poped into the roman bath this time.

I came across with a folk night at the pub. My room is upstairs.

A dulcimer player showed up, which surprised me a lot. Her performance was quite nice and peaceful.

arriving to Bath

I could not spend much time in Oxford, but managed to buy three pieces of sheet music, two by Bridge and one by Bowen, for which I was pleased. My travel from Oxford to Bath was smooth. I did not have particular impression of the city, but came up to the crescent, one of my favorite buildings in U.K.

I like the crescent.

head south

A friend of mine kindly took me to south to visit an abbey. It was built in 7th Century by a person sent from Rome to persuade Brits to believe in Christianity. We first dropped in to a hotel restaurant to have a few pieces of sandwiches, which were quite nice. We also came down to the Themes after our visit to the abbey. On our way back home, we somehow got into a super market to buy things necessary.

We visited an abbey in south. The sunshine flew into the abbey, being projected onto the wall.

Inside the abbey we were attracted to many things and beams were among them.

The choir started singing while we were there

In the backyard spread the forest

We strolled into the field before we’ve got back


I moved to U.K. The weather was superb with blight sunshine. It was however a bit cold, say, 6C. The difference between Malta and UK was 20C in terms of temperature, which was quite something, but I was contended with the sun.

An exceptionally nice weather in England