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「認知症高齢者介護と情報技術2」平成24 年度報告書が印刷できました。
—– H24年度「社会福祉と情報処理」研究会 報告書 申し込み

at graceville Maizuru

I have been to Maizuru to work with my colleagues, Masaru and Osamu. I brought into the care institution a set of motion capture device to collect data of bodily expressions by those caregivers. Osamu improvised on the device as usual and found a way to instruct oneself through the monitor. His imagination is outstanding.


Masaru explains what Osamu has just done in the room

I have brought a pair of stands with a screen to make a wall

seeing the aged with pupils

I visited a care institution with school children. This is a part of our attempt to establish inter-generation communication between the elderly and children. This was perhaps fifth or sixth year since we started the project. It is amazing to see children well prepared for the encounter by bringing origamis, board-games, a picture-story show, etc. with them. They were also quite open to communicating with the elderly. Some residents even surprised caregivers by painting on line drawings, which she used to refused to do as kids’ activities.


It is probably important to choose a task which requires participants to get closer. It creates more intimate relationships.

dancing in a virtual room

I have been to Osaka for a meeting with my colleagues. We are going to teach primary school students on 6th March and need to plan what to do there. The main topic is the bodily communication supplemented with a touch of technology. The future work should be hinted, which is somehow related to the inter-generation communication. Wow, challenging!


We are employing nuiCapture, which is easy to use as it does not require calibration and allows two people to be captured at the same time.


What shall we do is the important problem. Guys quickly found out how to play on it. Thank you!