a dance workshop followed by a telenoid session

A dance workshop was started around 2 in the afternoon. Mr. Jareo, the dancer, instructed us to make a contact with a stone, hitting around on the ground responding to a phrase, and some other exercises, all of which puzzled but made us to think of our own. The workshop proceeded as usual anyway. Then, the teleoind was presented to the participants, two of them were more or less cognitively impaired. I was amazed to see they liked the humanoid. I had never seen her talking to someone (or something) so seriously. In a sense, the humanoid elicited more reactions of those people than people like us would do. Everything has a place where it functions best. That was the lesson I learnt of my experience on that day.

Dr. Yamazaki, one of my ex-students, presented the telenoid to the participants

One of the residents responded to the humanoid so well

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