JAIST Registry

You can upload your customized Docker container to the private registry in JAIST (JAIST Registry) and download and use it from computing servers or laboratory PCs.


Firstly, login to the private registry.

 *moby ( ) will be replaced to moby21 (
     Please move your container image to the successor system.

Make your personal project

You should make a personal project

Name the project as you like.



Upload a container image to registry

1. log in to (JAIST Registry) using docker

[sentan@dockerhost]% docker login
Username: sentan
Password: ******

Notice: the Username, Password is  the one you created for the JAIST registry.

2. tag your image.In this sample the name of docker image is slrun:1

[sentan@dockerhost]% sudo docker images
REPOSITORY          TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
slrun                  1                   8b33cab6a66c        8 hours ago         65.1MB

[sentan@dockerhost]% sudo docker tag slrun:1

3. upload the image tagged as

[sentan@dockerhost]% sudo docker push

Confirm the uploaded image

Log-in to  and click  "Project" .
You can confirm that the image has been uploaded.