Login, Settings


Host Name       xc40

% ssh xc40 -l <user ID>

Initial Settings

■ Default Environment is PrgEnv-Cray (Cray default).
■ To change compiler, libraries, other initial settings, module command is required.


1. list of loaded modules

  % module list

2. list of available modules

   % module avail

3. load/unload  module

 % module load/unload  <module name>

4. swap loaded module from <before> to <after>

 % module swap  <module name before>  <module name after>

ex: change the loaded module from module of cray environment to intel enviroment

% module swap PrgEnv-cray PrgEnv-intel

Working Directory

When using XC40 for the first time, make your own work folder under the /work directory.

  % mkdir /work/<user name>

Make sure to place the executable file under /work /<user name>.

(You can not execute the files placed in user personal home directories)