Usage Agreement for JAIST Information Environment

You must fully understand the purpose and contents of the items described in the orientation, and will observe then in order to use the JAIST information environment.

Please read the following.

How to agree on the Canvas Application

  1. Access the following URL
    Usage Agreement for JAIST Information Environment
    (Microsoft Power Apps Canvas app)
    (Click here for Smartphone)

  2. Sign in with your JAIST Microsoft account
    i. Enter your "" and click Next (Fig.1)
    ii. Log in with JAIST-SSO
        If JAIST-SSO authentication fails, please see this page.
    * If you are already signed in, it will not be displayed.
    * If you are signed in with a non-JAIST account, please sign out.
    * When the message "You do not have the right to use this application" is displayed, please contact us. (Inquiry form)

  3. Click "Allow" when asked for permission to access (Fig.2)

  4. Select language, confirm name/username, and click "Start". (Fig.3)

  5. Scroll through and check all consent items, then click "Agree". (Fig.4,5)

  6. Confirm agreement copy email
    An email about "Usage Agreement for JAIST Information Environment" will be sent to your JAIST mail.
    After receiving the email, please close your browser.
    You can check your JAIST mail via Webmail or other means.
    For details on how to use the mailer, please see Basic Information on Mail.




Q. "Authentication failed" is displayed on JAIST-SSO.
A. Please see this page (When login fails with JAIST-SSO).

Q. The message "It looks like you don’t have access to this app" is displayed.
A. Please make sure you are logged in with your JAIST account.


Q. A message such as "Execution failed" appears in a red band at the top of the screen.
A. Please close your browser, check your network connection, and then access the canvas application again. If you are trying the procedure on a smartphone, please try it on a computer.


Q. After accessing the site, "username not found" is displayed above the table.
A. If you need to make a agreement, please contact us.


Q. When I click "Start", the message "Before the start of use".
A. Before the start date of use, the agreement procedure cannot be performed.
    * Please contact us if you think the start date of use is Incorrect
       (e.g., the date is very different from the enrollment date).

Q. I have not received the agreement copy email.
A. The subject of the email is "情報環境利用に関する同意 / Usage Agreement for JAIST Information Environment".
If you do not receive the e-mail, please wait a while (a few hours to a day) and try the procedure again.
If you still have not received it after 2 business days, please contact us.