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William Baines, Tides

I have received several sheets of music from a dealer in U.K. They are all written by William Baines, one of my favorite composers. Just one of them was a bit irregular as some pages are missing and a page of some other music is printed on the last sheet. Fine as I was refunded immediately for the item. I was curious how it was printed and wondering whether it was sold to someone. eh, the sheet music was printed in 1921 or so. Needless to say, I am satisfied with their service. I am not complaining of it at all.

William Baines, Tides?

humor helps us to accept the reality even if it is full of distress

I was talking with Prof. Nishikawa about the family event. He pointed out that people in Osaka are able to laugh at their difficulties even if the situation is hard to treat. That is a relief especially when there is nothing he or she can do. I was envious of those people with such a talent. I liked their presence immensely during the family trip.

Prof. Nishikawa and I moved to ATR in the afternoon for a meeting. The institute was open to public on the day and lots of people were around. We, too, enjoyed walking around, viewing several interesting demonstrations. The meeting itself went well. I was then back home. The train arrived to Kyoto Station 13 minutes behind schedule and was after all delayed by almost thirty minutes when I arrived finally to the nearest station from our home. Tired, but it was just nothing compared with the challenges those family members face everyday, I persuade myself not to complain for the trouble.

Leaves were colored beautifully around the spa

ATR was open to public; we had a meeting backyard

an excursion with families with people with dementia

I was away to Osaka for an excursion with families whose members are with dementia. The travel was meant for relaxing those family members, but uniquely they were accompanied by those with dementia. Well, those family members feel happier with them, which amazed me deeply. The event was also enriched with a dance session instructed by Mr. Jareo. He demonstrated in front of us how to dance with those people with dementia. He sat besides an old lady who was busy touching her legs. She eventually stopped touching herself and started moving her foot as if she was dancing with him. Everyone was in awe of his feat.

We then moved to a hot spring villa and spent a night eating, drinking, singing, etc. I played Shamisen, a traditional instrument with three strings, to entertain them. Luckily, they liked my performance and asked me to come again next year. A woman accompanied by her husband taking care for her sang so beautifully and everyone was moved.

Mr Jareo, the dancer, is approaching to one of the participants

We arrived to a spa deep into mountains

Taijiquan meeting

I took part in a meeting where people practicing Taijiquan perform some styles of the Chinese martial art. It was meant as a place to choose people who are going to the national one next year. I was the 2nd best person. WOW. No, it is not really such a big thing because only three took part in the slot. 🙂

back home

My mission as examiner was completed without trouble. I tried to buy some sweets at a department store near Osaka station, but it was full of people and I could not move even a meter for a minute. I gave up with my plan and returned to the station. The return journey was smooth.

A view to the lake Biwa was captured through the other train passing by ours