my piano re-worked and adjusting my body to it

I have attuned myself to my piano which was re-worked by a piano tuner
a few days ago. The touch became a bit heavy, but the dynamic range
has been widened because it can be controlled easier than before. I
need to adjust to the reworked piano, however. The keys were very
light, like feather, enabling me to push keys very lightly. My piano
is now normal and I have to adjust my finger and body to the new

I started to test the new setting by playing JSB’s some pieces of
well-tempered clavier book I. JSB’s compositions help me to search for
exact touches and the best balance among keys from low to high. Some
part of my brain was irritated by the new touch. My body has gradually
adopted itself to the new reaction.

Today, I played some sonata by Beethoven and several pieces by
Ravel. I found that its tone is improved when I open the lid. I played
a piece by Schubert, too. The chords sounded well, leaving a
well-balanced echo. In the evening, I played through all nocturnes by
Faure. 12th nocturne was particularly difficult to play. They were
okay otherwise.

I did not play Rachmaninoff today probably because it was fine. You
have to be depressed a bit to go into his music. I prefer playing
Ravel in daytime and Faure at night when my feel is neutral. These
composers were influenced by Listz, but I cannot be sympathetic to his
music with somw exceptions. Pieces written in his late years are
okay by me, but…

I wanna a grand because the up-light piano is a bit slow in responding
to my fingers. Pieces by Ravel particularly require very quick finger
movements, which are often difficult to perform on the up-light. Well,
who knows? I had better find a studio in which a well maintained
instrument is available. I should concentrate on a few pieces for
enhanced expression, rather than playing through every repertoire
spending several weeks for a cycle completed.

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