[Caution] Adobe Flash Player end of support

Adobe will end the support of Flash player on Dec.31, 2020.

Security patches will not be issued after support ends.
Vulnerabilities related to Flash Player have been attacked many
times in the past, so leaving unsupported them installed can be very dangerous. Be sure to uninstall from all devices.
Please note that you may have more than one type of Flash Player
installed on your PC, if you are using multiple browsers.

Step for Uninstall

* IE, Edge:
Windows Update for removal of Flash Player will be delivered.
Be sure to keep your OS up to date.
Update for removal of Adobe Flash Player; Oct. 27,2020
If  the uninstallation fails, download the update patch from Microsoft update catalog.
Microsoft Update Catalog

* Firefox, Google Chrome:

Click Windows Settings -> Apps.
 Uninstall all applications labeled as "Adobe Flash Player"
If the uninstlattion fails,download an uninstall apps from Adobe support Website.
Uninstall Flash Player| Windows


Download an uninstall apps from Adobe support Website.
Uninstall Flash Player|Mac

Reference: Adobe Flash Player EOL General Information Page

Please contact JAIST CSIRT(Computer Security Incident Response Team: if you have any questions about this matter.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.