Daily Archives: 2012年4月19日

another way to JAIST

It was the fourth day. I was still cycling to the institute, but changed the route to avoid a busy road. The other reason is wind. I noticed that the wind blows against me always, when I get in to and out of the institute. I guess, the air blows down from the mountain to the plateau in the morning and blows up from the sea to the plateau in the afternoon. Ridiculous! Anyway, I changed my route to avoid the wind, but it did not make much difference unfortunately. It however turned out a pleasant journey as cherry blossoms were all fully blooming.

cherry blossoms along a canal, near my home

trees lined up along the road with a sign

green is green, and pink is pink


few traffic

the river with a slight hint of cherry blossoms

green is green


the best season for cycling

a cup of tea was served open air