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kanazawa 21st century museum

I have been to Kanazawa 21st century museum. I cannot remember when I visited there last time. Modern articles were all interesting, for which the artists had exploited skills and techniques inherited from their predecessors.

kanazawa 21st century museum

to the sea

It was fine, clear day. I cycled down the river to the sea. It was not so far; it took about an hour to reach there. The sea was quiet and few people were around. I went along the coast, far and far, alone. No idea arose to me. Nothing. I only thought it would be nice to come again in the summer to swim.

A blue heron searching for fish in the canal

another heron moving from one side to the other

I left the city behind

few houses were found as I went down to the sea

I was empty, just cycling along the coast

The sun got hight as I went back home

The road was narrow around the coast

The Hakusan (white) mountain still bore snow

birds flocking

Birds are now flying in to our region. Here is a sort of intersection, where birds coming from north and south come across. They are however very cautious and it is hard to take picture of them. A flock of birds flew when I stopped to take a picture.

flowers are coming one after the other

They flew when I approached to them

a heavy rain in the morning

It rained in the morning all of sudden. Cold air flew into our region, making the weather unstable. I checked how heavy it was. I had to teach a class this morning from 9:20 am and could not wait till it stopped. I gave up with my idea of going to the institute with bicycle.

It rained so badly

waves of wisteria

It was beautiful morning. I passed by a small park on my way to the institute to find waves of wisteria there. People were visiting the park to appreciate the beauty.