Daily Archives: 2012年5月8日

a couple of pheasant

I needed to visit a group home to fix a problem with our system. It is 15 km away from home and I wondered whether it was appropriate for me to go on bicycle. After some hesitation, I decided to go cycling. It was actually not so bad (far) as I had been afraid of as it took one hour to reach there. I dropped in a park to appreciate the beauty of wisteria, now flourishing.

I was heading for our institute after fixing the problem. To my joy, I spotted a couple of pheasant. I had never seen them in pair. I knew of a well-known piece of ceramics, made by an artist, which depicted a couple of pheasant. I had thought it was a matter of aesthetics, the reason why they had been made as a pair, but understood it was realism. I missed the chance to take the best shoot, but somehow was succeeded in taking them into a frame.

I cycled today for about 40 km, but am not so tired as I should have been. I set the gears often to the top-top position. The journey from the institute to home, ca. 13 km, required me for 40 minutes yesterday. I have been making a progress these days.

I took a break to take a picture of wisteria on my way to GH

a couple of pheasant I spotted

the female pheasant

the male feasant

He claims for his teritory

back home in the evening. A span of wisteria along the canal.

the season for planing rice