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up another hill

There is another hill behind our house. Well, it is nearer than the one we climbed up the previous day. I thus call it my backyard 🙂

Lots of mosquitos were annoying. The walk was otherwise pleasant and short. I noticed bamboos went burst occasionally deep in the forest. Probably because the air was cooled. hm.. it does not make sense, though.

Only us were on the hill. It was getting darker and darker. We hurried up getting down the hill. Lots of mosquitos again.

Bamboos got burst as the night approaching

Fools always love high places. It is so believed in Japan.

up the hill

We climbed a hill behind our house. well, it is a bit far as I have to drive five minutes or so to reach there, but not so far. I believe I am entitled to call it our backyard.

We knew of the park, which was built a few years ago, but had never been there with no reason. It was not so hot in the evening and we decided to go there. The park was spacious and the view was nice. Few people were around. Good place to appreciate the night view of Kanazawa.

a special interest group of embodied knowledge

We held a meeting of embodied knowledge. Four of us gave a talk followed by a guest speaker. About 50 people attended it, for which I was glad. The guest speaker was philosopher and his talk was stimulating. We had better work together as much as possible.

a meeting at our Tokyo campus on skill science

a gymnasium

I realized there was a gymnasium near our home, which we can use cheaply. I went to its entrance, but turned back. Next time I will get in.

a public gymnasium near home

an old truck

An old, badly maintained truck passed by my car. I wondered why they had not scrapped it.

a badly maintained truck passing by me