[] Hostname       xc30

% ssh xc30 -l <user ID>



■ Upon log in, the default environment (Cray standard environment) is set.
■ Changing the compiler and linking library are done automatically by loading the necessary modules.


1. To display a list of loaded modules

  % module list

2. List the available modules

   % module avail

3. Loading/unloading modules

 % module load/unload  <module name>

4. Changing modules

 % module swap  <module name before>  <module name after>

ex: To change the default Cray compiler environment into the Intel environment

% module swap PrgEnv-cray PrgEnv-intel

Work directory

[] When use XC30 for the first ime, please make your own work directory.

  % mkdir /work/<user name>

The execytable of the jobs to submit must be in the /work/<user name> folder.

(Files in user home folders can't be executed)