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リズムの原理 Principles of Rhythm

I was recently surprised to know that the book titled “Principles of Rhythm” written by Paul Creston was translated to Japanese by the person who taught me how to play music on the piano. The book titled 「リズムの原理」 was published in 1968. I saw him when I was ten years old boy, say, 1973. He was not a professional pianist, but a theorist/composer and above all a nice guy, who never forced me to use a particular fingering. He only focused the music produced on the piano. I liked him very much as previous (female) teachers were all too fussy. They commanded me to take a particular positioning, fingering, etc., which I all hated.

Principles of Rhythm translated by my mentor 48 years ago

Principles of Rhythm translated by my mentor 48 years ago

The reason I was looking for the translation is Massimo recommended me to read it. (Thank you, Massimo.) Just from curiosity, I searched it on the net with little expectation that someone translated it into Japanese. Having found his translation, I realized how deeply I have been influenced by him. I was with him till I decided not to go for music for the last year of high school, say, when I was eighteen years old. I consulted him one day whether I can study music at a college. He stopped me playing the piano (we were on the lesson) to ask me how serious I was. Having seen my intention, he kindly consulted my mother to see if she or rather my parents allowed me to pursue the path to music. I vaguely remember the discussion went on for a few months. No one in the family and relatives agreed with me, including my grand mother. I then stopped playing the piano. I am very sorry that I had to stop my lessons with him that way. I majored in philosophy in a university after graduating from the high school, which did not particularly please my parents, but they might have thought that it would be better than studying music. My father was even afraid that I might become a priest. I do not know where he got such a strange idea of me.

I have not seen Prof. Nakagawa, my music instructor, since then. He passed away in (approx.) 1997 shortly before I had got back to Japan. (I came back to the country in March 1998.) My mother told me of his funeral ceremony, which was accompanied by music by J. S. Bach for his request. I was regret that I could not attend the ceremony. But it is the life.

I have not realized his influence on me until recently. I know now that he taught me quite a lot of music, especially of rhythms. I thank you him forever to be my mentor. I wish if I could have talked with him of my recent work, but I can still consult him through his books. These books, one is his translation and the other includes a chapter by him, enable me to communicate with him beyond time and space.

リズムの原理 (1968年) - ポール・クレストン (著), 中川 弘一郎 (翻訳)

音楽美の探求 単行本 – 1998/12/10西崎 専一 (著), 都築 正道 (著), 浅野 隆 (著), 中川 弘一郎 (著), 馬場 雄司 (著)