Daily Archives: 2011年11月23日

An okonomiyaki (Japanese Pizza) party

A couple who are good friend of ours kindly invited us for lunch. We made pieces of good okonomiyaki, a Japanese style Pizza. They tasted very nice. We normally do not eat them as we do not have such a custom to eat okonomiyaki at home. All participants were in that sense a novice, but we made nice pieces by learning the best practice on the net.

We walked out to digest them in our stomach in the late afternoon. We found a Komeda Coffe, a well known franchised coffee seller based in Nagoya, near our home. The locals are all fancy for having a breakfast there. They are famous for serving considerable amount of foods with a cup of coffee for breakfast. They open next month. It would be good idea for us to drop in for breakfast sometime.

we made pieces of okonomi-yaki

we spotted a Komeda Coffee

I have slowly learnt how to take a nicely blurred picture

a bunch of flowers in the field