Daily Archives: 2012年6月26日

a walk in Eindhoven

It was nice, fine day. I went down a beautiful path along the canal. Trees, birds, water, soft sunshine, green, and so on. I finally spotted an open air museum, where visitors can experience the lives of ancient, pre-historic people and middle ages (in two areas). Interesting to see was the old firm house built around 11C, which is egg-shaped. It felt comfortable. Back to the city, I found lots of people filling the streets. The city was alive. The conference started in the afternoon.

the scene outside the hotel

Along the canal, I found a small, blue dragonfly

the water is muddy, but quiet

i came across the sign in the park, which probably means you can drink alcohol in the area

such a beauty in the field

Schoolchildren experiencing baking in ancient style

The sword and helmet were very heavy


An old olive tree cut entirely, left in the field

the city was so vibrant, different from the day before

the conference started. I had already an contact with people involved in an interesting project in the reception