1-1. Job script

Basic script format:

#!/bin/csh                                 .....1.
#PBS -l <リソース1>                     .....2.
#PBS -l walltime=1:00:00               .....3.
#PBS -j oe                                  .....4.
#PBS -N <ジョブ名>                       .....5.

cd $PBS_O_WORKDIR                     .....6.

<実行コマンド>                              .....7.

 1.   Required shell, /bin/csh, /bin/bash, ...

 2.   Required resources

    Differs from one server to another, please refer to each server page.

 3.   Used resources (max. running time) *not a must
       If you know that the job will be completed in a short time, entering the expected maximum execution time may cause jobs to start early. Please enter a value smaller than the maximum execution time set in the submitted queue. The example in the table is one hour. 
However, please be aware that if the job does not finish within the time entered, the job will be forcibly deleted.


  4.   Direct standard output and error streams to the same file

  5.   Job name

  6.   change directory to the working directory *usually needn't be changed

  7.   Job execution command(s)