Daily Archives: 2012年10月31日

London, briefly

On my way back from Bath to Tokyo, I dropped at London for a few hours. I searched for sheet musics at two places near the British Museum, say, Schott Music London and Chappell of Bond Street. Both have a unique character. The former is specialized for (more or less) professionals while the latter targets broader customers, as long as I understand them. I liked both of them. I bought two small pieces at the Chappell, one by Bridge (Lament for Catherine) and the other by Faure (Pieces breves pour piano).

I had time to visit the Museum and happily stepped into there for an hour or so. An exhibition of Shakespeare was going on, but I skipped it to proceed to the corners for Greek arts. I was interested to scan vases to find out that one of my favorite pieces made by Pistoxenos. All those bases look so nice and surprise me by the fact that they were produced between 480 BC and 460 BC.

leaving the Paddington station to Heathrow finally