Daily Archives: 2012年10月30日

Bath Institute of Medical Engineering (BIME)

I visited BIME for a meeting with the staff. They do many interesting projects and some of their findings surprised me very much.

It was already getting dark when we finished our dialogue. I looked for several items for my wife with some success. I got back to my hotel after I had eaten my supper at a Thai restaurant. I heard some music while I was checking email in the pub (my room is upstairs of the pub). There happened to be held a folk night and many people got together at the pub. I enjoyed all their performances.

An exhibition is going on at the hospital and those picture are sold with price tags on them, to my surprise.

i haven’t poped into the roman bath this time.

I came across with a folk night at the pub. My room is upstairs.

A dulcimer player showed up, which surprised me a lot. Her performance was quite nice and peaceful.