Daily Archives: 2012年10月17日

deep into the mountain in Oita, Kyushu island

We took a flight to Kumamoto Airport to drive to a small village, which is about 70km away. We were a group of seven, who are from different institutions. We brought into several telenoids, a humanoid, into classrooms for schoolchildren to learn to use it as a medium.

The weather was not particularly nice due to a typhoon, but we were lucky as our flights could land on the airport despite the fact that we were warned that they might land on some other airport to avoid the bad weather, which is more than 100km away. I was a bit tired when reached the primary school, having through the long, winding road in the mountainous area. People at the school welcomed us with a cup of tea accompanied with some beautiful local sweets. It was very quite place and seemed to be less populated than our place.

Our colleagues were busy preparing for the class next day.